Social Media: Making Your Advertising Work (by Footprint Digital) Cover

Social Media: Making Your Advertising Work (by Footprint Digital)

15th June 2020


Location: Colchester

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The course will begin with the comparison of five different mediums – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube – and the various merits and disadvantages of each platform.

Next, the way to decide if it is worth using paid social media will be looked at, such as working out what your cost per acquisition can be and if the platforms can deliver that.

You will then explore each platform in turn to see how to set things up and potential pitfalls for each.

Finally, you will look at how to assess success, what key metrics are worth measuring, and finding the data that actually tells you what you need to know.

As it is a three hour session, this will be an introductory look at paid social media, but with a number of useful takeaways so that people can begin to create their own campaigns in a much stronger manner than they would have done without this session.

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