Borders: Colchester and Ipswich Art Societies

24th July 2020 - 27th September 2020


Location: Lewis Gardens, Colchester

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The Colchester and Ipswich Art Societies explore their mutual border, the River Stour, in an exhibition that celebrates the thriving creativity of the region, the joy of making and the enjoyment and well-being gained through experiencing art.

Over 120 members of the Art Societies have set out to examine their place in the landscape as they look across to the opposite side, and consider what borders mean more widely. What are borders? What are they for? What do they mean to people politically and emotionally?

Hung geographically to mirror the flow of the river, paintings, print, sculpture and textiles take you on a trip downstream, where you’ll encounter expressions of the landscape, and life that surrounds it.

Artworks within the exhibition are for sale, with proceeds going to Firstsite and the artists – in support of the making and showing of future artworks and exhibitions. If you are interested in purchasing an artwork, please contact Firstsite or speak to a member of their team during your visit.

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