Balance #2: How to cope when uncertainty feels like the only certainty Cover

Balance #2: How to cope when uncertainty feels like the only certainty

22nd July 2020


Location: Colchester

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Uncertainty is the only certainty we’ve got right now, right? So, for many artists and creative freelancers, making friends with uncertainty feels like the smart thing to do. But how can we turn fear about our futures into curiosity about our careers and companies?

During this period of such seismic change and ongoing uncertainty, we want certainty about IT ALL. RIGHT. NOW. We know we need our wits about us more than ever. Yet, many of us feel like we’re actually at our wits end. So what to do?

This friendly and practical session will explore how getting to know ourselves a little bit better can help us to respond to all the unknowns facing us right now, and how we can move forward from chaos, anxiety and overwhelm to ‘safer’ uncertainty. More specifically, we’ll cover:

• What uncertainty does to our minds, and what happens to us and our minds when we face enforced change.
• Sadness, anxiety and anger…Can these be helpful at a time like this? How do we tone them down and tune into our minds?
• Stress… why and when it’s helpful, and how we can learn to manage it.
• Resourcefulness under pressure: what do you have in your resilience ‘toolbox’?
• Developing a growth mindset, and how that could help us through times like this.
• Is it helpful to think about wanting to flourish in a time like this?

Meet your hosts
Guiding us through this are two of the most curious and generous people you’ll find. First up, Andy Gibson, founder of Mindapples, who works with businesses of all shapes and sizes – from solo-preneurs to bigger beasts – to help them look after the minds of their teams. And secondly, Julia Payne, director of the hub, trained and mentored hundreds of artists, entrepreneurs and small creative businesses and helped them think about ‘good growth’.

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More about Balance
Balance is a series of talks and informal drop in session for those of us artists and creative freelancers who know instinctively that we need to take better care of our mental health, but never quite get round to making it top of our to do list… For those of us who are struggling to quieten their minds, make a plan, get motivated, concentrate better, or sleep... Who want to re-group, re-emerge and re-imagine… Who want a brighter future for ourselves and for our sector.

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