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Concept, craft and collaboration

Silk Pearce is a UK-based creative studio who believe the best work is realised with three elements – concept, craft and collaboration – each of equal importance throughout the design process.

The origination of any creative project, small or large, needs a strong concept, that sparks off an idea. We pride ourselves on this, as without one it isn't going to hit the spot.

Beautiful design is still all about craft, whether on paper or on screen. That eye for detail is the difference between something looking terrible or terrific. Trust us, you want to look terrific.

Working together is fundamental to what we do – from chatting ideas through with our team, talking to clients about their needs, or directing other creatives for a project – collaboration is king.

Alessandro Talevi – Brand and Website

Everyone's Essex film

Essex County Council – Everyone's Essex campaign

Mahogany Opera – Brand and Website

Royal Mail – National Parks

Essex Housing – College Gardens

Suffolk Libraries – Brand and Campaign

Cambridge North – Brand and Website

Silk Pearce – Brand and Website

Creative Partners

Anthony Blease
Anthony graduated from Norwich University of the Arts in 2013. A strong advocate of design, he believes the joy of design is about constant observation and that this is paramount in shaping people’s lives. Since joining Silk Pearce in 2014, Anthony has developed a multidisciplinary skill set, specifically in branding, campaign creation, illustration, UX & UI design, animation and photography. He has worked on numerous projects across a vast range of sectors, through to final delivery for clients including Harley Street’s London Women’s Clinic, London Egg Bank and London Sperm Bank, Favini, Mantle Space, Greater Cambridge Shared Planning, Essex Housing, Essex County Council and Cambridge based developer, Brookgate.

Ian Coote
After graduating from Norwich University of the Arts in 2008, Ian spent two years cutting his teeth in London working with clients such as Unilever, The Science Museum and Lloyds of London. Since joining Silk Pearce in 2010 he has enhanced his wide skill set specifically in the digital realm to include websites, UX & UI design and filmmaking. Ian has worked across multiple sectors and media for clients including Ricoh Europe, Favini, Independent Opera, Mahogany Opera, Mantle Space, Greater Cambridge Shared Planning, Essex Housing, Essex County Council and Cambridge based property developer, Brookgate.