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I am Sam Hurst a current student at the University Center Colchester. I have always had an interest in technology, films and games, so I started at college and chose a 3D modelling and VFX course which introduced me to how both films are shot and edited. However, over the years of that course I loved the 3D modelling side and wanted to continue that. University application rolled around and I saw a course with two things I really enjoy doing - 3D modelling and video games.

All my teenage years I have played many different genres of games as well as loved watching some behind the scenes and other people, like youtubers, play the same game to have different views and understanding of the game, and now that I get to make games I can't stop thinking about the code, UI and the overall production when I play a game.

My plan for the future is to one day work on some big title games, maybe sequels to the games I enjoy now. However, for the moment I need to enhance and learn all sorts of skills and software. I feel confident in Maya and Unreal Engine but also am developing my skills in 3ds Max and Photoshop. So, making some of my own indie titles is very appealing to me to develop my understanding.

I feel that one skill I have is being a good team player, my skill is to be as supportive as I can be to each team member. I enjoy looking into everyone's ideas and each point of view to get the team working together as best I can.

Key Skills