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Crafting and delivering meaningful brands, products, and experiences that people love

Qore is a full-service digital studio with a small but talented team that create delightful digital products, brands and experiences. With a unique approach guided by thoughtful design, we deliver identities and systems that thrill users and generate business results.


We immerse ourselves in your culture, company and users to understand their behaviours and uncover their motivations as well as their primary use concerns. This robust discovery process allows us to ensure that we build solutions, and products, that aren’t superficial, but instead, solve real problems. We employ various methods including rapid prototyping, iterative development and continuous usability testing that mean we can produce measurable results through exceptional experiences.

- Wireframing and Prototypes
- User Flow Mapping
- User Experience
- Design Consultancy
- User Testing and Research
- User Personas and Scenarios


Good design isn’t just making something attractive, but also making it useful, actually improving on what it used to be. Our design approach to each project is grounded in the client’s goals, and this ensures that we develop designs that will generate results. Our focus on subtle design elements, delightful interactions and seamless animations have been proven to deepen brand engagement, and these, along with our design chops, result in strong relationships between our clients and their customers.

- Visual Identity
- Brand Strategy and Guidelines
- Print and Collateral Design
- Video production
- Experience Design
- Marketing


We have experience in developing large scale applications across various sectors and have worked alongside our clients’ internal development teams to rapidly generate deployable code. We start by defining measurable milestones that the product can be developed against to ensure that the client is fully aware of progress and is able to influence the project as it goes on. We don’t believe looking at a project brief, hiding away for months, and then a big reveal, results in the best product being produced.

- Interface Design
- Development Consulting
- Responsive Websites
- Mobile Applications
- Digital Products and Services
- CMS development and Platform Integration