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A recent project for Martin Green, at SPILL festival Ipswich

The trailer for The Raddlesham Mumps - original tour April 2019, re-touring Autumn 2019 and Spring 2020

About Me!

I am a freelance producer and theatre maker. My work tends to sit somewhere in the world inbetween theatre, music, digital and spoken word - but to be honest I'm passionate about all 4!

Until Dec 2017 I was Artistic Director and CEO of Unity Theatre, Liverpool. Recent freelance projects include Nina a story about me and Nina Simone (UK Tour - see video below), Horny Handed Tons of Soil (UK tour - see video below), Into the Cuckoo's Nest (see video above) and When Did You Stop Dancing.

Current projects include work with New Wolsey Theatre, East 15, Martin Green (Lau), continued development of The Mystery of the Raddlesham Mumps, The Ballad of Maria Marten (with Eastern Angles) and The Stitch Brothers Patchwork Dreams, premiering at the Big Imaginations Digital Festival in November

Nina -a story about me and Nina Simone - UK TOUR

Horny Handed Tons of Soil - UK Tour