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Hi, my name is Ouissal, my pseudonym in art is LittleMadFairy or MaddyFairy.

I am now studying BA Hons Computer Games with 3D Modelling and Animation at University Centre Colchester. I also studied before coming to England at an Italian school I.S.S. Virgilio Floriani. In Italy, I studied psychology, Maths, Algebra, English, French, History, Biology, Italian and English Literature. I speak fluent Italian and I have a Cambridge Advanced English qualification. I also know a little bit of Arabic because of my family origins.

My biggest passion is Art. Anything artistic like music, cinema, paintings, writing, etc interests me. I also have a very big passion for history and important characters' biographies. My favourite ones are Marie Antoniette and Van Gogh. I do like a lot of artists and artistic styles, I don't have a favorite one. I like realistic drawing, backgrounds, surrealism and Japanese pop culture to name a few.

Of course, my most important passion is video games. I love everything about them, the narrative, the soundtracks, the graphics, everything! I just think the game is the most complete piece of art because it combines different aspects like music, writing and graphics. Videogames that have influenced me are the Zelda series, I love the story and the freedom for exploration. I love The Sims, it is one of my favourite games. I'm very passionate about simulator games such as Diner Dash and Civilization amongst others. I do like Pokemon and most of the games released by Nintendo such as the Mario games. I usually like games with a nice story and very simple mechanics but I'm very happy to play different styles of games. I'm very interested in independent/Indie company games, my favourite now is The Longing from Studio Seufz.

My current skills include drawing characters in 2D using the program for iPad called Procreate. I know how to combine drawing with layers and use and create different brushes. I have completed lessons about character design, semiotics and lighting. On my degree I had lessons about narrative structure, character stereotypes and completed a creative writing course. The creative skills I want to develop are learning how to write characters and story, how to create original sound tracks and sound effects. I also want to learn how to draw characters, objects and backgrounds in a different style.

My USP is to be very passionate in what I'm doing. I have a very nice and big personality. I'm a very friendly, open minded person that is very positive and a perfectionist. I'm happy to work in groups or alone. I'm good at researching a subject and I'm open to new experiences.

Check my other website for more information!