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Games Design

Location: sheepen road colchester

About Me

Over time, I feel that I have acquired a few important skills that will help in the future with my games design projects and have helped me throughout the assignments I have achieved in college and university.

​The personal skills I have developed throughout the programming assignment are; Maya and Unreal. I feel that throughout the assignment I have started to become confident with these two pieces of software because I have been looking at tutorials and step by step learning the two software's from basics to more advanced learning such as AI and Physics. Some other skills I have developed over the years such as Unity and Blender as well as some coding languages such as; C#, C++, Python, JavaScript and a few others.

My interests consist of gaming, games design, Pool, Snooker, Chess, Art Design and programming.

When gaming my favourite Genres that I enjoy are; Horror, Action and Adventure and survival/ sandbox.

I enjoy Pool, Snooker and chess because they are very strategical and require you to out think your opponents with skill required too.

I enjoy Gaming, Games Design and Art Design because they can be used as a form of escapism and a chance to use your imagination to make something creative and unique.

I enjoy programming because it is the logical side of games design and website creation and requires you to use programming skills to make your code better and more fail-safe/ reliable for designers.

One of my aspirations is to become a games designer. This is because I want to make/ have a part of making my own games as either a part of a company or self-employed, as part of a team or on my own.

Another one of my aspirations is to become a YouTuber/ Twitch streamer to give people entertainment to watch when they are bored and also to give my opinion on games and let people get to know me as a person over Social Media, also taking part in gaming event/ cash tournaments and live gaming events or videos on stream.