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Video Game Design

A few images of some work I've done in UE4 and Maya

A snapshot of some UE4 programming I've done

Experienced Manager & Game Developer

Current game design student, finishing first of three years towards a BA in 3d Modelling, Animation and Video Game Design at University Centre Colchester.

I was previously working as a Deputy Manager in retail which taught me many valuable skills and life lessons.

I hit a crossroads in my life with a decision to either stay on in retail and progress my management career, or to follow my passions and look into a career in Video Games. Thankfully I chose the latter.

During my short while studying games design I have improved exponentially with my industry specific skills, and have become quite proficient in UE4 and Maya, more specifically; 3d Modelling, animation and programming. In the next couple of years I will also be developing my Photoshop, Unity, Z-Brush and Web Development Skills.

Once my studies are over I am looking to follow a career with one of the AAA studios, possibly in a graduate scheme, but I'm not averse to the idea of joining an indie developer either.

If you wish to know more about me or get in touch please follow any of my social media and links