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I'm an avid programmer with an interest in games, game systems and UI/UX and I'm currently making games to complete my degree in Computer Games with 3D Modelling and Animation.

I have already begun my journey by learning and understanding modelling and animation within Maya and feel comfortable with these skills. I am currently delving into blueprints within Unreal Engine 4 and hope to achieve a proficient level of understanding of this.

Before completing my degree, I would like to expand and improve my skills using Unreal Engine 4 by learning the programming/coding environment to a proficient level. I would like to continue developing my entire skillset throughout my time in the industry.

In my free time, I'm also creating unique modifications and content for a popular games community of over 5000 members using various IDEs and SDKs. You can see my experience in this area below.

Feel free to send me an email if you would like to get in touch or take a look around my website for more examples of my work as well as blog posts evaluating and reflecting my progress in this industry.

Game Modifications

A side-project of mine involves creating and developing resources for a gaming community with over 5000 active members and a Grand Theft Auto 5 server with over 100 active players every day. The server is a roleplay experiencing encouraging serious roleplay from those who play and the goal is to put all our focus on the players and giving them a place to enjoy while roleplaying.

Along with fellow developers, I have been working on redeveloping the entire server to create a new and unique experience for the players. Within this I have been using the Lua programming language and, although easy to learn, has strengthened my programming knowledge and has allowed me to expand the universal skills of a professional programmer. Alongside this, User Interfaces and other elements of the resources have allowed me to improve and learn HTML, JavaScript and CSS which I feel has been my biggest improvement during the project and I would like to continue developing these skills to become a more diverse programmer.

Some projects within this include a completely reworked job system encouraging playing interaction and a better social experiencing removing the grind and boring sides overall. It includes a levelling system which encourages long-term replay-ability to keep players engaged. Additionally I have worked on improving how players interact with the world around them by providing a unique mouse-driven menu system which allows players to interact with physical objects, people and more in the world.

In the future I plan to create a whole new way that players can roleplay as police within the server. The plan is to take the best parts of the old system and combine it with new and changed features to remove the inconsistencies and bugs to improve the overall experience. There are many more ideas I have and plan to work with the community to create a better overall experience.

Blueprints & More

3D Models

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