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3D Modeller and 2D Artist

About Me

Hello and thanks for clicking on my profile! My name is Jack Tiffin and I am a student at the 'University Centre Colchester'. I am currently in my third and final year, of studying on a course called 'BA Hons Computer Games with 3D Modelling and Animation'. Throughout the past several years of education, I have been improving and building upon my soft, as well as hard skill-sets. Which hopefully will help me to become a 3D modeller and/or 2D artist, within the games industry in the future.

I've been intrigued by the sheer complexity and scale, of the 3D models shown in the latest video games. Not only that, but how stylised 3D models can be, to suit a game's themes and genres. This has influenced a lot of the work I have made, with some of my own ideas thrown into the mix. I have a good bit of experience using 'Autodesk Maya' to make my 3D models, however I am eager to learn more 3D modelling software, such as 'Zbrush' and 'Blender'.

Drawing is a hobby that I've also enjoyed doing throughout my lifetime. Going from sketching out rough designs, of characters and sceneries on paper, to fleshing out certain details using digital software. I am very familiar with 'Adobe Photoshop' and 'Adobe Animate' to digitalise my drawings, as well as to animate a little depending on the project.

Below is a compilation of some of the work I have put out, throughout the course of my College and University years.

Some footage of my 'run and gun' game prototype, called '20th Century Shell Shocked Man'

2D Art/Concept Art