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We listen. We think. Then, we speak.

We are a graphic design studio that specialises in providing clients with meaningful visual identities, print and web sites. The focus on meaningful is important because it means that we create individual and new identities that reflect your products, aspirations and values. When something is meaningful it becomes memorable - committing it to the memory of your audience.

Founded in 2004 by Esther Feltham, eyespeak’s intention is to become one of Essex’s leading branding studios. Having spent several years in London’s design agencies, Esther returned to her hometown of Colchester and set up eyespeak.

We believe that intelligent ideas-based design leads to powerful brand identities and forges strong relationships not just with your consumers, but also with the employees within an organisation.

When you look at your brand identity, what looks back at you? Does your visual identity reflect the values of your company and the quality of your service? Does it show you to be an individual?
Companies that see branding as an integral part of the business strategy always appear more convincing to their intended audience, over those that see it as just another cost. When you work with eyespeak, we get to the root of your brand through our innovative brand discovery workshop and then we translate this into a meaningful strategy which is applied across the components that your organisation needs.
We listen. We think. Then, we speak.