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Office Space For Creatives & Small Businesses

Location: Colchester

About Creatives Hub

We are designated in the heart of Colchester Town centre. A stones throw away from major eating & retail establishments, train stations and quirky, independent stores that are the life and soul of the town. We take pride in our standout location as it helps provide businesses with the necessities needed to thrive and easy access to entertain and host clients and guests.

Our Mission

At Creatives Hub our sole aim is to give creatives, freelancers, start ups and small agency’s a platform to flourish, learn, share ideas and connect with other like minded businesses by offering a flexible and affordable working environment as an alternative to leasing a full office or working from home. The Hub hosts individuals in a variety of different fields and sectors that can network and act as a catalyst to grow each others business. In need of marketing or a graphic designer? look no further than your office neighbour!

The Hub