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About Science Fiction Prototyping

The Future is Yours To Design (the CSf slogan)

About The Creative Science Foundation

The Creative Science Foundation explores and promotes creative methods aimed at supporting science, engineering, education, business and sociopolitical innovation through various activities (on its own, or in collaboration with others) such as organising workshops, seminars, conferences, vacation-schools, journals, publications, projects or maker events.

The core methodology is the use of creative arts (eg writing, films etc) as a means to introduce innovations into Science, Engineering, Business and Sociopolitical systems. The main (but not exclusive) methodology is the use of science-fiction / fantasy stories, grounded in existing practice which are written for the explicit purpose of acting as prototypes for people to explore a wide variety of futures. These ‘prototypes’ can be created by scientists, engineers, business or sociopolitical professionals to stretch their work or by, for example, writers, film/stage directors, school children and members of the public to influence the work of professional