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Connor Bulmer

Game Developer & Marketing Specialist

Game Developer & Marketing Specialist

Game design student with a focus on creating interesting and unique gameplay experiences while gaining the full spectrum of industry knowledge and experience and link my current commercial marketing experience to the games industry.

My portfolio currently consists of models and animations created for use in my game project “VHS Horror” with examples of the models and animations below and full game design documentation available for viewing on my site.

Within my short time studying games design, I have already improved as both an indie developer (in terms of my 3D modelling, animation and experience with Unreal Engine) as well as from the business networking perspective thanks to my rapidly growing network of fellow students and industry veterans.

My previous experience within Marketing and working with other businesses of varying shapes and sizes helps me to have an edge due to the business experience this has offered and the ability to adapt this has provided.

If you would like to get in touch regarding work then feel free to message me through my site or any of my social media channels.

My 3D Models