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About the artist

SNUBLiC (Coin David McAllister) is an illustrator/cartoonist residing in Colchester who depicts microcosms concerning global issues with a level of existential threat attached.
The drawings are created from research conducted on the subject before drawing begins but details are added daily as the subject is discussed on the news and anything related is scribbled or doodled into corners of ever shrinking free space.
The artists' agenda is to open discussions on base paradigm assumptions worthy of Socratic investigation. Other times the subject is too contemporary to have formed it's paradigm and again the artist seeks to open debate on things like morality and the use and threat faced by new things like the Dark Web and Artificial Intelligence.

Since moving to Colchester, SNUBLiC has been interested in documenting how the town has changed with his series of Redundant Scenes. These are ink drawings of recently derelict buildings scheduled for demolition, renovation or just left to decay, or those which have long since ceased to serve their original purpose like Colchester's deconsecrated churches and Castle and found new purpose as museums or homes. The artist takes particular interest in the area of Colchester he resides in, having lived near the old Barracks, in New Town, next to the park and the Dutch Quarter and prefers to photograph scenes in early or late winter to make the most of contrasting shadows, then to work to reproduce these photographs as faithfully as possible in ink. This began as a way of practicing the use of dip pens for the cartooning but has since taken on a life of its own.

SNUBLiC exhibits pretty frequently & has been known to take commissions.

Buy original work and prints

Buy a piece of SNUBLiC artwork for yourself or as a gift.

Simply browse the Cartoons or Colchester Scenes at and pick a picture that you like, note down the artwork's title and send an email to asking to buy the original or a limited edition print and SNUBLiC will contact you to discuss delivery and explain how to make a payment.

Like the style?

You can also commission SNUBLiC to create something unique. He has created album covers, book covers, illustrated maps and highly personalised birthday presents.

email to discuss your ideas.
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