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About Chrissy

Chrissy Brown is an artist based in Colchester, Essex. Her passion is the representation of ‘othered’ bodies through art, primarily ceramic sculpture, and her works aim to create a space to display radical softness and unapologetic self acceptance.

She sells her work to an international audience and has exhibited at prestigious local galleries. Commissions welcome.

Artist's statement

Taking up space is key to the normalisation of all types of bodies. It will result in the reclamation of spaces – conceptual and physical—that have been too long dominated by those with power and privilege. My aim is to find and represent joy, comfort, and safety in bodies that have been cast out of the acceptable Western mainstream. I want to clear a space from the bombardment by a monotony of thin, heteronormative, able-bodied, capitalist advertising and aspiration.

We all exist in different bodies, and allowing each person to thrive and feel no shame for this uniqueness is key to creating a more inclusive society. We are each whole as we are.

Fighting against oppressive norms takes many forms. This is mine.

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