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Hi my names Alan, I am a very friendly, social creative kind of person if I do say so myself. I started a 3 year (BA) degree back in September 2020 studying 3D modelling, Animation, Programming and Game Design using the Unreal Engine 4 and Maya 3D modelling software. When I started the course I had no prior knowledge or experience with any of these programs but I find it really enjoyable and satisfying to watch my ideas take shape and come to life with a lot of hard work. I still have

I originally started work in the hospitality/bar industry when I was eighteen. I have been in the industry for 14 years, 7 years of which I was managing bars with teams from 7-35+ members of staff. Throughout those years my confidence and knowledge have grown exponentially. I gained my personal license, my verbal communication skills are impeccable be that talking or being able to upsell to customers, my people skills are really good with being able to read people and sometimes, unfortunately, having to deal with unsavoury situations. Leading my teams, meeting my monthly incentive targets and understanding the day to day running of a business.
I have met so many incredible people, made so many friends and memories which was all fun, but I decided to step down and step back from the industry to peruse my dream of becoming a games designer. I have always loved all forms of creativity be it video games, film, music or art. I myself have a very creative mind and I have taken this opportunity to chase my dream of one day graduating from university and opening my own games studio to create the ideas I have come up with.

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My First Landscape environment in UE4 - Learning the basics

My first landscape environment in UE4 - Leaning the basics

First time learning the basics of the landscape tool in UE4

First time learning the basics of the landscape tool in UE4

Over my summer break going into my second year at uni, in my free time, I was learning the basics of the Landscaping tool in UE4.
I leant how to sculpt my landscape, paint layers onto it and smooth/ blend the paint layers. I BP the grass, trees, plants etc to be randomly placed, scaled and rotated onto the layered material type, I placed trees, rocks and sticks, on my base layer of the forest floor and then populated the grass and other assets types onto my grass material layers.

I also learned how to make physical materials for my landscape environment to allow the playable character to leave different footprints on different material layers and play different footstep FX on the different layers.
I tried making my own materials using Quixel Mixer for my forest floor and pebble lake area.

The video is a quick 3min walk around my environment, It hasn't got the greatest performance and fps. I think that is due to my lack of understanding of lighting and possibly the placement & amount of grass, trees ad plants etc

Overall I really enjoyed making this first environment. I have soooooo much more to learn by the sounds and looks of things but I can't wait to get my teeth stuck in and learn more about the environment landscape design aspect of UE4 and game level /environment design

All C&C are very welcome :)

My models I have made in Maya

Clip #1 This was my end of first year Industry Project - Have You Got A Pen ?!

Clip #2 This was my end of first year Industry Project - Have You Got A Pen ?!

My first go in Unreal Engine for my 1st year programming assignment