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Artist Statement

My practice is heavily involved in the use of language and linguistics and I heavily rely on the notion of a shared public language which can be accessed and interpreted in an infinite amount of ways. I have been using automatic writing for many years and find it a great way to kick start my creative process. The words that emerge are often nonsensical, but every day themes tend appear too. I have exhibited automatic writing in numerous ways and am always struck by how other people find their own connections in something that has been created in my world.

The connection between language and time also interest me. Its fleeting and ever-changing nature. The continuous piece of sting moulded into each linguistic unit and subsequently words representing the continuous nature of time and language. The work is intended to be walked on and changed by whoever encounters it echoing how we all interact and have an impact on the language we use and the fleeting nature of what has come before.

My intention is to engage the audience and creating a dialectical relationship between the art and the audience and the art the its surrounding. I work both digitally and with installations. My practice takes a DIY approach, as such she uses materials which are often inexpensive and processes that are easily accessible.

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