24th October 2019

Posted by Creative Colchester

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Mercury Theatre Colchester launches two exciting programmes to support creative businesses in the South East

The Mercury Theatre Colchester are pleased to announce the launch of two exciting new business development programmes, Mercury Creatives and Mercury Creative Entrepreneurs. True to the Mercury’s commitment to act as a catalyst for skills development and to support people in exploring their untapped potential, these programmes will offer mentoring, training and networking opportunities to creative businesses and freelancers in Essex, East Sussex and Kent.

The Mercury Creative Entrepreneurs programme is part of South East Creatives, an initiative partially funded by the European Regional Development Fund, which will offer 25 newly registered creative businesses and sole traders the opportunity to gain essential skills from industry professionals, to give their business the best opportunity to succeed.

This opportunity is open to creative businesses such as performing arts companies, artists, practitioners, new writers, creatives, directors, set designers, make-up artists, photographers, scenic artists, costume makers, technicians, to name just a few, registered with HMRC or Companies House from December 2018 onwards.

The programme, which is free to its participants, will offer an intensive 2-day workshop with leading industry professionals to cover the areas of business management, financial management, fundraising and digital marketing. The beneficiaries are also offered the opportunity to have a onehour, one-to-one session with a member of the Mercury’s Senior Management team.

Both the beneficiaries of Mercury Creative Entrepreneurs and those who have registered as a business earlier than December 2018, can also apply to be a part of the Mercury Creatives programme.

Mercury Creatives, funded by the European Regional Development Fund, will provide much neededbusiness support and professional development to 100 Small to Medium Enterprises (SME’s) linked to the Performing Arts, located in Essex, East Sussex and Kent.

All the information about the programme and a link to the application form can now be found on the Mercury Theatre website. Spaces are limited and will be allocated to those eligible in a first come, first served basis.