19th June 2020

Posted by Creative Colchester

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Helping Digital Creatives Recover from Covid

A series of six talks, the Summer Digital Sessions, whose focus is on overcoming the disruption caused by COVID, and coming out on top: learn how to pitch your business to angels in a digital world, improve your public speaking skills, and overcome your impostor syndrome.

Team of three, Chris Filip, Mark Backler and Heather Bishop. The team of directors steer Game Anglia to grow the games industry in the East of England by working with the independent developers, college and university students in the region. Working to expand their scope, Game Anglia partnered with the Colchester Council through the SEECADS programme to create Cratis, which started at the beginning of 2020 to support the digital and creative industries in Colchester through educational talks and networking events.

Originally located in the creative hubs in the town, in March the landscape of events changed as we know it, but with their background in tech the team quickly pivoted to a series of online events!

Chris says; “the need for networking has become even more important than ever during the COVID crisis, as we are all working in isolation, it’s our aim to give people a friendly place to network, and to learn skills to help develop their business in a way that appeals to creatives and techs alike, we hope this will help them as we move out of lockdown…”

Heather comments “…even in the current climate it’s amazing what businesses can achieve from taking a fresh perspective, we aim to inspire and help people do that.”

The first of the six Summer Digital Sessions, begins on the 1st of July with ‘Sustainable Business Models’ for games development, led by Frazer Merrick from multi-award winning arts and education charity Signals Media.

With a diverse set of speakers drawn from the local economy, further talks include learning what angel investors are looking for in a digital world, improving your public speaking skills, and how to overcome your impostor syndrome.

The focus is on helping digital businesses overcome the disruption caused by COVID, and come out on top!


Talk Schedule:

Date: 1st July 2020
Talk: Build your Income Streams with Sustainable Business Models
Speaker: Frazer Merrick
Content: Understanding the different ways you can monetise your creative talent. Translating your skills to the needs of different audiences, identifying and building your portfolio of income streams.

Date: 15th July 2020
Talk: Building Resilience as a Digital Creative Entrepreneur
Speaker: Milo Skene
Content: Milo helps overseas entrepreneurs, early stage technology businesses and start-ups. He will be talking about building resilience as an entrepreneur in the Digital Creative space.

Date: 29th July 2020
Talk: Pitch Your Business Remotely – Speaking with Confidence
Speaker: Kayla Conley
Content: Public speaker Kayla Conley demystifies pitching your business to impress investors. Focusing on how to pitch remotely, you will gain a toolkit for public speaking on webcam.

Date: 12th August 2020
Talk: What are Angel Investors Looking for During Covid?
Speaker: Peter Cowley
Content: How have the global pandemic and travel restrictions impacted angel investing? Join this fireside chat to discover what angels are looking for – especially in the current global crisis.

Date: 26th August 2020
Talk: Business Planning for People Who Don’t Like Business Planning!
Speaker: Julia Payne
Content: Business planning and strategy, fun raising tips from The Hub’s Julia, who develops new thinking and practice in the music and creative sectors.

Date: 9th September 2020
Talk: Dealing with Imposter Syndrome – Realising Your Own Value
Speaker: Cathie Jeannot
Content: Overcome imposter syndrome and take ownership of your business – Confidence building techniques and real case studies that will help you own your business!