26th September 2019

Posted by Creative Colchester

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Colchester young people to have two years of free music workshops – thanks to £30,000 grant

Budding Colchester young musicians and noise makers are set to benefit from a £30,000 grant made by Youth Music to Firstsite and its experimental music club, CLIP.

The money will be used to fund a weekly meet up at Firstsite, as well as additional workshops with Essex Youth Services, where young musicians will have the opportunity to experiment with music and sound to build confidence through improvising and performing.

CLIP was formed in 2015 by local sound artists Simon Keep and Frazer Merrick. Previous projects include working with Colchester Zoo to make music from recordings of animals; as well having given performances of Terry Riley’s In C, quite literally in the sea at Yarmonics Festival and Brightlingsea Regatta. CLIP use these types of ‘musical experiments’ as a way of encouraging young musicians to take risks and build confidence.

CLIP recently collaborated on the Firstsite exhibition Lilah Fowler: Code Clay, Data Dirt (until 13 October). The sound for the video in the exhibition was created by converting the colour wavelengths of the patterns from Lilah’s textiles, and the resonance of their playback in the gallery, into audio waves.

Sally Shaw, Director of Firstsite said: “We’re thrilled with this grant from Youth Music which will enable us to continue our support of CLIP. We are passionate about championing young people, empowering them to develop their talent and achieve their potential. This money will be put to superb use enabling young musicians to experiment with equipment they may not otherwise have access to and for Firstsite to create fun musical experiences for all skills levels.”

Matt Griffiths, Chief Executive Officer, Youth Music said: “We’re very pleased to support this very worthwhile project. Our vision is that every child, regardless of circumstances, should have the opportunity to explore their musical creativity. CLIP will be enabling many young people to fulfil their musical potential and enjoy the thrills of live performance. We wish them all the best with this exciting venture.”

Young people need no equipment or musical knowledge to join CLIP, activities include improvising, instrument building and music production. Workshops take place every term-time Monday, 5-8pm, at Firstsite and begin on 16th September 2019. Suitable for ages 14 and up.

To find out more visit firstsite.uk to see the full schedule of upcoming CLIP workshops.